Hola! Are You Speaking Your Customers’ Language?

Can’t Read, Won’t Buy The demand for multi-language support is on the rise. A recent study showed that 40% of consumers say they would not buy from a company that doesn’t offer customer support in their native language. Your consumers will report a better customer experience if you communicate with them in their own language....

Speech Analytics: Use It To Improve CX

We understand that delivering an omnichannel CX that is personalized, relevant, and authentic is hard work. But it can be incredibly rewarding when done right.  If you want to stay ahead of the curb, your business must support customers consistently across all channels. And one way to ensure a seamless customer experience is to use speech...

Here is How You Adapt To Shifting Customer Expectations

Why should you pay attention to shifting customer expectations?  The adage “The customer is always right” is probably more relevant now than ever. Especially when most businesses are going digital, meeting customer expectations and encouraging their participation is crucial. If you own a business, you surely realize that understanding consumer expectations is pivotal to brand...

Is Your Company Customer-Centric?

What is the most crucial factor for companies in determining essential product enhancements and prioritizing new product designs? ‘Customer’ is the short answer. In particular, listening to client feedback, understanding their needs, and creating products to tackle these priorities, lead to seamless cx. Consumers buy products to address a particular problem. However, if the product...

Invest in a “Design-Driven CX Transformation” Approach

Technical Debt is a real thing especially for Mid-market companies! CxOs in these firms have long resisted the adoption of new #CX platforms due to the enormous cost and impact on current operations. However, their mindsets have changed significantly over the past few years. CIOs are now eager to embark on game-changing and seamless CX...

Six Investments for a Pandemic-Proof Digital CX Model

In a matter of months, COVID-19 has forced executives to rethink their digital strategy and investments especially in the area of customer care. Suddenly, discussions of ideal customer journeys and satisfaction metrics to learn what customers want have given way to an immediacy in addressing what they need now. Particularly in times of crisis, a...

Appian Undertakes a Best-of-Breed Strategy

Appian has made a slew of announcements with integrations and partners over the last couple of months. It points to an interesting direction for their growth. As a leader in the Low Code Application Development, Appian has consciously taken an approach over the years to address the entire enterprise experience including lean applications, case management,...

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