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Low Code Development platforms are an emerging agile approach to building business applications focused on a visual development approach to development. They relieve non-technical (citizen) teams from having to write code while supporting professional developers by abstracting tedious coding tasks required in development.

Working together, business and IT teams can design, create and release applications in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. The key aspects of implementing the best Low Code development solution include: Continuous integration, Reusability of objects, Omnichannel experience, Open and extensible platform.


Citizen Code,
Good Business

“When business people can’t get the automation they need to carry out their missions, they build software tools and apps themselves.”

The best Low-Code development platform features a visual modelling framework. They are visual representations of processes (typically adhering to BPMN 2.0 standards), thus allowing citizen developers to grasp application design. They allow for a simple drag-and-drop so developers can create applications visually, resulting in faster time-to-launch.

Low code Application development on the platforms are inherently designed for cross-device functionality. It happens with no need for extra effort, coding, or technical resources. Declarative tools are implemented through things like visual models and business rules. Low Code development removes the need to write custom coding thus mitigating the drag of future change management and accelerate deployment cycles. Latest iterations of Low Code are equipped for enterprise grade security and are compliant with latest certifications and standards.

Typical Use cases include:

  • Rapid functional prototyping and productivity applications; enabled by citizen application development.
  • Collaborative project management, portals and feedback tools
  • Integrated Customer experience incorporating IoT, blockchain, and artificial intelligence
  • Enterprise wide applications with flexible deployment capabilities to the cloud or on premises using Cloud Foundry, or Docker with Kubernetes.
  • Applications that enable extended interactions with partners, customers and third parties through Integrations, APIs and portals.

Faster Time-to-Value

Combine visual design, minimal coding and automated testing to build apps in months not years.

Reduced Build Cost

Build more apps in less time, and leverage citizen developers, reducing the need to hire more developers.

Faster Innovation

Remove complexity from building and supporting business apps, thus leading to faster cycles.

Easier Change Management

Adapt to new requirements without complex coding changes, and reduced IT dependence.

Great Clients
Awesome Reviews

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