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Why have 80% of Fortune 500 enterprises used ServiceNow to upgrade their technology? That’s because digitized and automated siloed processes enhance both the consumer and employee experience. ServiceNow uses its own platform to improve the working environment for its employees. It is the powerhouse under the hood that drives everything, from our onboarding

process for new employees to our internal learning and development tools.

 The Now Platform can help companies become more productive and innovate more rapidly. The Now Platform’s use is extensive, ranging from easing laborious operations for employees to leveraging artificial intelligence to surprise and excite customers.

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    Digital Workflows: Building Blocks of Modern CX

    Create a seamless customer experience
    Increase retention by providing effective service. Provide individualized self-service to customers, and provide agents access to client data so they can anticipate their needs accurately.
    Scale customer operations
    Use digital workflows to automate processes in the front, middle, and back offices. Analyze performance to streamline operations and scrutinize client services to avoid service interruptions.
    Optimize field service
    Manage location-based tasks safely and effectively. Utilize real-time IoT data to schedule the appropriate personnel and tools to perform work on the first visit and proactively address any concerns.

    In ServiceNow, we Trust

    ServiceNow has ranked on the FORTUNE World’s Most Admired Companies list.

    The Now Platform

    Connect your enterprise
    Break down silos across the company by using a single data model and architecture, and for both employees and customers, create seamless experiences.
    Deliver next-gen experiences
    Increase customer satisfaction with cutting-edge, simple interfaces. Keep your clients and employees motivated and empowered.
    Drive workforce productivity
    Provide focused, purpose-built tools and knowledge to service delivery teams in a single, customizable workplace.
    Work smarter and faster
    Use AI and analytics to their full potential to automate monotonous operations, generate predictions, and surface facts to concentrate on strategic work.
    Accelerate innovation
    With a single, unified platform, anyone can automate, expand, and create digital workflow apps at scale.

    Why Companies choose ServiceNow

    80% of the Fortune® 500 have modernized their technology with ServiceNow!
    Technology Workflows
    Utilize secure, economical, and robust technology to quicken the digital revolution.
    Employee Workflows
    Give your hybrid workforce a uniform employee experience.
    Customer Workflows
    Deliver seamless customer experiences to encourage enduring loyalty.
    Creator Workflows
    Utilizing low-code and hyperautomation, quickly create integrated cross-enterprise workflow apps.

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