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September 19, 2023



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TL;DR: Learn How Boosting Patient Activation & Upgrading Your PM System Can Help Engage Your Patients & Grow Your Practice Exponentially!

Patient engagement is a reality that is rapidly shaping right now; it is not some distant dream anymore. Patients are actively participating in their healthcare journey rather than simply being passive recipients of care.

Moreover, as the healthcare industry becomes more patient-focused, increasing patient volume through a patient enablement platform can be a differentiator that enables smaller healthcare providers to remain competitive.

In this blog, we learn how to boost patient volume or practice revenue with the help of Freshdesk.

Measure Patient Engagement Effectively with Freshdesk

Research has shown that actively engaging patients and their families in the care planning process and providing them with choices for their treatment and care leads to better patient outcomes, which is also valuable for healthcare providers.

Typically, patient engagement can be assessed by examining various metrics like :

  • Patient satisfaction scores
  • Patient feedback
  • Patient retention rates
  • Patient data privacy
  • Patient-centric experience
  • Quality care

How to Engage Your Patients and Overcome the Obstacles?

The patient engagement process has a lot to offer the practice and the patients you care for. It brings about enhanced overall health outcomes, rapid access to medical records, and improved adherence to healthcare plans.

Traditionally, patient engagement was created via voice, SMS, emails, and in-person patient conversations which were fairly useful for boosting patient engagement in healthcare. However, with the current technological revolution, the healthcare sector needs something more dynamic - namely generative AI-backed solutions.

Freshdesk: The Ultimate Solution for Patient Engagement and Satisfaction

The relationship between a patient and a healthcare company is often an individual’s longest engagement with any business during their lifetime. Here is how implementing Freshdesk can help develop and foster this relationship:

  • Promote patient involvement through customization: Personalization is a fundamental aspect of modern healthcare. Offering personalized interactions with patients can build trust and encourage a sense of connectedness.
  • Use and integrate technology: Having a phone system can help you improve patient engagement.
  • Share knowledge resources: Make resources available to patients to enhance their understanding of their condition, care plan, treatment, or prescription.
  • Steady health tracking: Consistent monitoring, alongside open communication, helps patients remain proactive about their health. This partnership with their healthcare provider enables them to choose a lifestyle that aligns with their health goals.
  • Quick access to medical records: Continuous engagement helps patients access their medical records quickly.
The Future is Now

Providing opportunities to assist patients in playing an active role in their healthcare journey can increase compliance and produce profitable outcomes as both groups are being met with unique financial challenges in our rapidly evolving healthcare system.

Are you looking for actionable strategies to shift your practices’ focus toward improving patient engagement?

We are here and we want to help - reach out to us at: [email protected].

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