Omnichannel CX

Seamless omnichannel customer experiences
Leverage targeted insights and communication strategies

Customers are ever-evolving and so are the multiple customer touchpoints – both offline and online. Your business needs to provide a friction-free, seamless customer experience irrespective of the channel. Customers are continuously making better product & brand choices – therefore disconnected and disparate channels can make you miss a goldmine of market opportunities and possibly lose sales. Additionally, with dissatisfied customers looking at other competitive relevant solutions, a considerable gap can be foreseeable.

Knowing the pulse of your target market ensures you serve them better. Armed with the right set of omnichannel CX solutions, you can provide a consistent user experience. While embracing multiple channels is good – a strong omnichannel CX strategy can help you further.

Secondly, to provide seamless customer service, you can analyze data points from across channels to understand customer expectations and needs. Armed with a smart, integrated omnichannel CX approach:

  1. Be channel-agnostic and create seamless interactions.
  2. Be proactive and invest in self-service automation.
  3. Be customer-focused and work with a single source of truth.
Inconsistent, disjointed customer flows can be a nightmare
Omnichannel is the answer to all your customer woes.

A 3-pronged customer experience (CX) strategy with B-TRNSFRMD embedded with integrated journeys offers a holistic view of customers and helps you focus on:

  • Integrated omnichannel: Ace customer interactions before, during and after-sales for maximum revenue realization
  • Hyper personalization: Get one view of data across channels and delight your customers with targeted communication
  • Advanced automation: Service customers anytime, anywhere, and scale your operations to cover more bases, in a smarter manner
Build for the future
Up-sell and cross-sell with ease with the right sets of customer data points and rich insights
Scale customer operations
Breeze through customer enquiries through the power of automation
Automate customer journeys
Work on complex customer requirements and delight your stakeholders along the way
B-TRNSFRMD Customer Focused
Revamp your omnichannel approach
Up your customer experience strategy
Be a step ahead of your customers as they evolve and adapt to multiple channels of communication

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Get the future now:
Omnichannel customer experience redefined

Leverage self service, create seamless journeys, craft targeted communication and decrease the total cost of ownership with the best omnichannel strategy out there.

Proven best practices

Transformation value worth millions of dollars generated for Fortune 500 global clients spanning multiple industries

Innovative solutions

Unique customer challenges solved by high-tech, differentiated, custom-built strategies with renowned tech partners and players

Robust implementations

Well-defined frameworks for quickest ROI realization and optimum risk, project and governance management from the get go

Guaranteed outcomes

A great combination of functional, technical and analytical expertise along with a design-led engagement model promising success

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