Omnichannel CX Trend Book-2024

The "Omnichannel CX Trend Book 2024" by B-TRNSFRMD offers comprehensive insights into the evolving landscape of Customer Experience (CX) management.

Omnichannel CX Trend Book

Key highlights include:

  1. Market Dynamics: Emphasizes the financial benefits of customer retention and the higher value of omnichannel shoppers.
  2. Customer Preferences: Shows a preference for email communication and a growing acceptance of AI in customer service.
  3. CX Trends for 2024: Focuses on AI, omnichannel and hyper-personalization, voice interfaces, economic strategies in CX investment, data security, and industry-specific knowledge.
  4. Best Practices for 2024: Outlines essential practices including end-to-end CX solutions, unified customer data, and vendor consolidation.
  5. Roadmap for Implementation: Provides a guide for CX design and deployment, emphasizing customer insight, strategic alignment, and agile adaptation.

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