Case Study

Elevated Omnichannel CX

Situation Of the Client:

A leading financial services company recognized the need to improve customer service by offering a seamless omnichannel experience. The company was hindered by limited communication channels, complex agent workflows, a lack of timely updates for customers, and inadequate customer recognition and analytics. These challenges led to long wait times, inefficient agent workflows, and an overall suboptimal customer experience.

Omnichannel Customer experience

Solution provided

To address these challenges, a comprehensive suite of solutions was implemented:

  • Diversified Communication Channels: Introduction of chat and a dedicated customer portal, including interactive chatbots for real-time assistance and instant resolutions.
  • Automations and Workflow Optimization: Implementation of automatic ticket assignments, canned responses, and tailored ticket fields to streamline agent processes and categorize customer issues effectively.
  • Timely Status Updates: Customization of email notifications to keep customers informed about changes or updates to their tickets.
  • Enhanced Customer Context: Establishment of a comprehensive contact database with custom fields to equip CSRs with prior knowledge about customers for a more personalized service.
  • Robust Reporting Infrastructure: Deployment of detailed multi-level reporting through essential ticket data capture, providing insights into operations and individual agent performance.

business outcomes

The implementation of Freshdesk Omnichannel resulted in:

  • Enhanced digital channels leading to increased customer satisfaction through multiple support touchpoints and self-service features.
  • Increased agent productivity due to the removal of redundancies and streamlined workflows.
  • Improved customer satisfaction through timely updates and transparency, reducing anxiety and building trust.
  • More personalized interactions as CSRs could recognize customers beforehand, making interactions more impactful.
  • Enhanced analytics offering comprehensive insights into the customer service process, enabling continuous refinement and sustained improvement.
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*Based On Client Scenario
New digital channels added
Increase in agent productivity
Faster issue resolution

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