Knock! Knock! Are You Really Listening to Your Patients?


September 14, 2023


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TL;DR - Orchestrate Meaningful Patient Experiences by Understanding the Vital Role of Omnichannel Patient Engagement in Healthcare!

Patients today want more than just quality care; they want an assurance of a seamless experience throughout their patient journey. Healthcare providers must enhance patient engagement and satisfaction by embracing the crucial role of omnichannel communication, to ultimately revolutionize the way healthcare is provided.

Did you know?
58% of Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen Xers believe that responsiveness to follow-up questions via email or phone outside of the appointment is critical or very important to their overall satisfaction.

In this blog, we will explore how omnichannel healthcare can significantly influence the future of patient experience with the help of Freshworks and Genesys Cloud CX.

Implement an Omnichannel Patient Engagement Strategy

Omnichannel patient engagement solutions have gained attention due to the growth of the health IT sector and patients' increasing need for healthcare consumerism. Healthcare providers must make effective use of these technologies and tools to deliver superior patient experience while also fostering a value-based environment for the providers.

vital role of omnichannel patient engagement

Freshworks and Genesys Cloud CX: A Game-Changer for Seamless Patient Experience

Leveraging advanced CX solutions by Freshworks & Genesys Cloud CX can help achieve clinical excellence and also promote improved patient outcomes. Here is how they can support you:

Chatbot #Freshchat –Email #Freshdesk –Phone #Genesys Cloud CX –
To facilitate meaningful interactions with patients, and to gain insight into their requirements.An email channel to accelerate access to care by automatically connecting patients to the specialists who can assist them, reducing wait times.Patients can contact agents to seek resolutions to their queries which generates tickets. This includes the ability to make payments instantly, access to medical records/lab results, and all issues regarding booking, canceling, or rescheduling appointments.
Already deployed FAQs within the chatbot to enhance the user experience.
Streamline the patient journey by giving you the option to book, reschedule, complete forms, access medical records/Lab results and make payments instantly via a chatbot.

Omnichannel Patient Engagement: A Double-Edged Sword?

By meeting patients where they are most at ease, omnichannel healthcare plays a crucial role in improving patient experience and engagement. For the patients to communicate using their preferred mode, whether a phone call, email, or secure messaging platforms, allows them to play an active role in their patient and overall healthcare journey.

However, employing an omnichannel patient engagement strategy has its own disadvantages. Some of the few concerns are about privacy and security that must be resolved, technological hindrances must be removed, and the possibility of escalating access to care inequities must be taken into account.

Omnichannel Patient Engagement: How to Do It Right

  • Prioritize quick responses on every channel, bearing in mind the patient's perceptions.
  • Make sure patient data is at your fingertips for more informed communication.
  • Obtain immediate feedback for patient interactions.
  • Observe how patients engage with you on each channel.

What's Next?

Investing & prioritizing in omnichannel patient engagement practices symbolizes a significant shift in the healthcare industry. It's not just a trendy phrase; it's an essential tactic for healthcare providers looking to provide exceptional patient care and achieve influential results over the long term.

Yes, we are aware of the potential challenges that could arise when putting the most suitable omnichannel patient engagement strategy into practice - which is why we are here to assist.

Not sure how you can improve and ultimately enhance your patient experience? Let us guide you - Reach out to us at: [email protected].

Source: Accenture 2019 Digital Health Consumer Survey

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