NICE Uptivity Sunset & Your Path Forward


December 5, 2023


Immediate Sunset of NICE Uptivity

NICE has sent a notice for concluding the sunset process for NICE Uptivity. This entails the discontinuation of sales, support, or any modifications to the entire NICE Uptivity portfolio. This decision is not taken lightly, and we at B-TRNSFRMD understand the impact it may have on your current call center operations.

Introducing Advanced Solutions for Your Path Forward

In alignment with our commitment to providing exceptional and innovative solutions, B-TRNSFRMD is thrilled to introduce a range of new products designed to facilitate your organization's growth and digital transformation journey. These solutions span across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud models, offering unparalleled versatility and adaptation to your specific needs.

Why This Matters to You
Post the sunset date, NICE will not be providing support, updates or warranty to any of the Uptivity products. Our goal is to ensure that your transition from NICE Uptivity is not only smooth but also elevates your operational efficiency, scalability, and resilience. The new solutions we're offering are meticulously crafted to exceed Uptivity’s capabilities, providing you with a more robust, flexible, and intuitive experience that will revolutionize your workforce engagement and accelerate business growth.

Your Upgrade Options

To facilitate this transition, we have prepared a comprehensive upgrade path tailored to your needs. This includes:

Critical Dates

Nov 1, 2022Nov 1, 2022Nov 1, 2022Mar 31, 2024
End-of-Sale for NICE Uptivity.End-of-expansion sale.End-of-mainstream software support.End-of-extended software support and complete support termination.

Your Next Steps

To ensure a seamless transition, please contact our Account Executive [email protected] as soon as possible. They will assist you in exploring the new solutions, scheduling product demonstrations, and formulating a tailored transition plan that aligns with your business timelines and objectives.

As a Certified Solutions partner for NICE, Genesys, Five9 and leading CCaaS vendors, we help companies navigate the changes that such platform decisions bring about. We are committed to supporting you through every step of this transition.

Your continued investments in Customer experience are immensely valued, and we are here to ensure that your journey toward customer excellence continues to be rewarding and fruitful.

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Gans Subramanian

Managing Partner

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