Omnichannel CX: The Key to Customer Satisfaction in Financial Services


December 19, 2023

Banking & Finance

Omnichannel CX

TL;DR – Explore how the financial services industry can achieve a seamless omnichannel customer experience by streamlining various communication channels with the help of ServiceNow's Now Platform.

Keeping ahead of emerging trends and competitive pressures in the financial services sector may require adjusting how businesses use technology, given the rising customer expectations and the continually shifting MarTech landscape. In order to meet the demands of the digital age, financial services companies are changing their offerings and marketing strategies.

Consumers require a seamless experience with your financial services contact center in today’s digital-first world. This can be facilitated via omnichannel orchestration, albeit it can be challenging to implement correctly.

Did You Know?
"Out of 1299 CX leaders surveyed, over half (52%) of respondents are investing in at least six out of the top 8 customer-centric capabilities."

This blog helps us understand how the ServiceNow's Now Platform serves as a comprehensive solution for transforming and elevating customer service in the financial services sector. It provides a unified platform to streamline various communication channels, enabling a seamless omnichannel customer experience.

The Future of Financial Services: Omnichannel CX

In recent times, the financial services industry has experienced a notable transformation, with consumer Experience (CX) being a pivotal factor in propelling customer loyalty and expansion.

Whether you work in banking, wealth management, insurance, or financial advisory services, one-on-one interactions are now crucial to any customer experience and marketing strategy to drive engagement, accelerate buying behavior, increase customer lifetime value (CLV), and boost consumer trust in your brand.

Maximizing Customer Engagement with ServiceNow

Impact on Customer ExperiencePotential Challenges
ServiceNow's Now Platform enhances customer experience by consolidating communication channels. Its unified approach allows customers to seamlessly transition between channels such as web, mobile, and social media, ensuring a consistent and personalized experience at every touchpoint.Implementing omnichannel CX with ServiceNow may pose challenges such as data integration complexities and ensuring a unified view of customer interactions. However, ServiceNow's robust capabilities and integrations can address these challenges effectively.
ServiceNow's Now Platform facilitates successful implementation through its modular architecture. Leveraging its workflow automation, businesses can create tailored processes for each channel, ensuring a smooth and integrated customer journey. Integration with existing systems is made efficient, ensuring a unified customer data repository.
ServiceNow's automation capabilities play a crucial role in orchestrating omnichannel interactions. Automated workflows can route customer queries to the appropriate channels and teams, minimizing response times and ensuring prompt resolution.

Revolutionizing Financial Services with ServiceNow

The future of omnichannel CX with ServiceNow involves continuous advancements in AI and machine learning. Predictive analytics can be integrated to anticipate customer needs, enabling proactive engagement. Moreover, ServiceNow's commitment to staying at the forefront of technology ensures that financial service businesses can adapt to emerging channels and evolving customer expectations.

ServiceNow's Now Platform is likely to incorporate more advanced personalization features, tailoring customer interactions based on historical data and preferences. This will contribute to a more individualized and satisfying customer experience.

Looking Ahead

We know that your clients and products/services are unique to your business. Obtaining a 360-degree view of your customers to guide your customer journeys can be supported by collecting data in a single place. You can begin to arrange those many pathways and operationalize one-to-one interactions with the aid of profiling, segmenting, and mapping.

Do you consider yourself an organization with unfulfilled omnichannel capabilities? Contact us at [email protected] and learn how to enhance & deliver seamless CX.

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