Case Study

AdaptHealth Transformed Patient Care

Situation Of the Client:

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AdaptHealth, a full-service medical equipment company covering 47 states in the US, faced significant operational challenges after several acquisitions. The company dealt with a mix of disconnected systems that lacked advanced features necessary for fostering team unity and engagement. The outdated contact center system with limited functionality, poor scalability, and no omnichannel support led to high abandonment rates and inefficiencies in agent workflows.

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Solution provided

AdaptHealth chose the Genesys Cloud® platform to unify its contact center operations. Key solutions included Genesys Cloud Omnichannel Routing, Genesys Web Messaging, Genesys Workforce Engagement Management, and bot-assisted service. This platform enabled rapid onboarding of acquisitions, ensuring contact center operations were always correctly staffed. The implementation of Genesys solutions provided a single, intuitive cloud platform that unified all needs, including outbound call campaigns, skills-based routing, and API-based integrations.

business outcomes

The transition to Genesys Cloud platform resulted in:

  • Unified contact center operations across multiple locations.
  • Enhanced digital engagement through Genesys Web Messenger and bot-assisted services.
  • Efficient management of high call volumes, with significant improvements in service levels and agent productivity.
  • Effective control over source code and integration of AI solutions for better customer service.
  • Successful outbound communications through automated calls and SMS campaigns, largely managed by bots.
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*Based On Client Scenario
SLA Improved Y-O-Y
Avg. Agent Quality Score
Gain In Productivity

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