Case Study

Empowering Efficient Healthcare Engagement

Situation Of the Client:

A fast-growing urgent care provider in the US faced limitations with their current CCaaS provider, including support for only the phone channel, a lack of self-service options or email notifications, difficulty in tracking issues comprehensively, and challenges in escalating issues to other teams. These limitations were leading to a diminished customer experience and operational inefficiencies.

Omnichannel Customer experience

Solution provided

A comprehensive Discovery/Consulting exercise was conducted to map the current and future state of CX workflows, identify process improvements, and implement Freshdesk as their Ticket Management system and Freshchat as the chat solution. B-TRNSFRMD was selected as the implementation partner. The implementation encompassed an integrated omnichannel solution with self-service options, enabling customers to access support through their preferred channels. This was supported by email notifications, workflow automators, dynamic forms for detailed issue collection, comprehensive reporting analytics, and the creation of dashboards. Collaborator groups and agents were set up for collaborative issue resolution.

business outcomes

The implementation led to:

  • Streamlined and scalable workflows, automated ticket assignment, and faster resolution times, enhancing efficiency.
  • Improved notifications and reminders ensuring meticulous task management and responsiveness.
  • Multi-channel support, significantly improving the customer and agent experience.
  • Comprehensive reporting, collecting pertinent information for each ticket, facilitating faster and more informed decision-making.
  • Real-time tracking of SLA through dashboards, markedly reducing the overall resolution time.
A sales employee presenting data in desktop
*Based On Client Scenario
Streamlined operations efficiency
Enhanced multi-channel support
Reduced resolution time

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