Case Study

Revolutionizing Retail with Genesys Cloud

Situation Of the Client:

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TechStyleOS, a leading online fashion retailer known for its celebrity-endorsed digital brands, faced challenges due to its rigid setup. The system’s instability, lack of integration flexibility for CRM, bots, and social channels, and cumbersome quality assurance processes hindered the company’s ability to offer new services and maintain a high level of customer service. The frequent downtime and limited scope for expansion affected the company’s agility and growth.

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Solution provided

After an extensive evaluation of over 20 potential partners, TechStyleOS implemented the Genesys Cloud™ platform, leveraging its open APIs, simple integrations, and the robust foundation of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This transformation enabled real-time visibility into performance KPIs, the flexibility to handle retail peaks, and the capability to seamlessly build and embed custom solutions and AI. The intuitive platform allowed for a rapid global rollout in under 90 days and a smooth transition to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

business outcomes

The adoption of the Genesys Cloud platform resulted in a transformative impact on TechStyleOS’s operations, including:

  • Real-time visibility into performance KPIs and tighter control of critical metrics like call quality and first-contact resolution.
  • Flexibility to handle retail peaks and integrate AI solutions, enhancing the personalized shopping experience for over 5 million members.
  • Seamless shift to remote work, ensuring continuity and resilience in operations, with a notable 90% improvement in uptime.
  • Significant improvements in member satisfaction, demonstrated by a substantial reduction in abandonment rates and the ability to handle increased inbound traffic without expanding the team.
Data Dashboard and charts
*Based On Client Scenario
90 days
Full global rollout
Reduction in abandoned calls.
Improvement in uptime.

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