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Spectrum Health Transformed IT Support

Situation Of the Client:

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Spectrum Health, a key healthcare provider in Michigan, was grappling with a fragmented IT and HR support system comprised of over 27 outdated and disjointed systems, some over two decades old. This complexity led to inefficiencies, confusion, and a time-consuming process for the 31,000 healthcare professionals seeking support, ultimately detracting from patient care.

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Solution provided

To address these challenges, Spectrum Health implemented an integrated solution by consolidating multiple legacy systems into a single ERP platform with Workday, complemented by ServiceNow’s IT and HR Service Management systems. This strategic move united IT and HR services onto one platform, aimed at simplifying access and improving the user experience for all employees.

business outcomes

The transformation led to a unified and efficient experience for Spectrum Health’s staff, enhancing the overall employee experience. The integration provided a seamless and transparent system for managing IT and HR requests, allowing healthcare professionals to allocate more time to patient care and less on administrative tasks.

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