Announcing our Partnership with Intelisys


August 21, 2020

Customer Analytics

B-TRNSFRMD announces today its partnership with Intelisys, a leading Master Services Provider of Network, Cloud and Data solutions to support Clients with CCaaS, UaaS and Remote working solutions. It adds a significant capability to our solution stack in Customer Experience, offering end-to-end capability with Digital Business Transformation Solutions for Clients moving to an Agile Customer Support and Contact Center model.

With increased adoption of Cloud, the distinction between infrastructure and applications is slowly narrowing. Clients are increasingly looking at cloud-based solutions to manage front-office and back-office fulfillment. Cloud-based customer support solutions equip Clients with the flexibility of capacity, agility in functionality and acceleration in time-to-value.

With the impact of COVID-19, Clients are looking to aggressively transition to Digital Customer Support as a Service, leveraging UCaaS, CCaaS and Cloud based solutions.

This partnership provides an important technology capability to our Digital Customer Support portfolio. it allows us to maintain an independent vendor-neutral approach and work on Digital Business Transformation Solutions that are in the best interest of Clients. As part of the partnership, we have access to Intelisys award-winning teams in solutions, vendor research, pricing, contracting and product support.

We are excited to bring these Digital Technology Platforms to our Clients and work with them to design, implement and manage a full-stack Digital Customer Support Transformation. By combining our consulting, functional and technology expertise, we are better positioned to help our Clients scale these initiatives successfully for visible business impact.

To learn more about how to transition your Customer Support and Service Management operations to an Agile Digital model, schedule some time with us by clicking here.

About Intelisys

Founded in December 1994, Intelisys is widely regarded as the industry’s leading Technology Services Provider of Cloud, Network, UCaaS products and services. The company has built a solid reputation with its partners, and end-user customers as a successful and high integrity company that protects its relationships and exists to serve their needs and the needs of their customers. Intelisys is focused on empowering and educating Clients and assisting in making informed choices about services, technology and cost savings; increasing their purchasing power; protecting their contracts and increasing their revenue opportunities. Intelisys delivers the best vendor neutral solutions to end-user customers through its Partner community – an elite nationwide network of network & cloud solutions and consulting professionals.

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Managing Partner

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