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June 24, 2021

There’s an ever-growing demand for superior and seamless cx as a result of evolving complexities in consumer demand. This calls for automation in the field of customer experience to accelerate the rate of processing customer feedbacks and maximize support team bandwidth for handling rather complex issues and nurturing customer relationships.

Freshdesk is helping brands achieve these objectives with powerful automation services that focuses on enhancing customer satisfaction and turning complex & time-consuming processes into simple workflows. BY deploying these automations in the Freshdesk platform, companies can scale customer support with minimal headcount additions.


Easy Ticketing

Automating ticket generation is an efficient way to identify, categorize and assign tickets to relevant groups, all in one instant motion. When applied throughout all channels of customer feedback, no support member will be required to manually track the incoming messages from source. Freshdesk automation does the job and allows your support team to directly work on resolving specific queries in the automation pipeline.


Faster Follow-Ups

In customer service, not all queries get solved in the first interactions. Some require longer follow-ups whereas other ‘less-urgent’ queries are attended to, after the priority queries. All these generate a long to-do list for the support team spanning across days or even weeks. This is where the Freshdesk automation service can be deployed to keep an eye on upcoming follow-ups and be prompted on pending issues after a set timeline.


Automated Priority Filter

Not all tickets warrant immediate action. So, it’s important to know which are to be attended on priority basis and which can be handled during the standard operating time. Think of the following case –

  • A premium customer raises an issue
  • Ticket is generated and labelled as ‘high’ priority.
  • Support team takes immediate action.

Similar to the above example, other parameters can also be applied to automate priority status. For instance, tickets raised for ‘logistic’ issues can be set to medium priority, whereas ‘faulty payments’ can be labelled as ‘high’ priority.


Instant Processing based on Scenarios

When similar customer issues are dealt in the past, scenario-based automation can be applied using the protocol followed in historical cases. For e.g., if a customer places a return request, ticket is generated under the ‘return item’ scenario. Freshdesk automation identifies the protocol associated with the particular scenario and sets the following order in motion instantly –

  • Set priority to ‘medium’
  • Set status to ‘processing return’
  • Prompt logistics team to handle return shipment
  • Prompt ‘follow-up’ notification to support team, if return shipment does not go through in ETA.

Here, the support team need not intervene to initiate the return process. These kinds of scenario-based automations save a lot of time and get the job done quite efficiently.

If leveraged correctly, Freshdesk omnichannel and automation services can help enhance customer experience for brands and increase customer retention in the long run. Interested to try out Freshdesk service for your CX team? Let’s get on a call to discuss your needs today or if you need more information on our digital transformation consulting services email us at [email protected].

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