Right-sized ITSM: Why now?


July 7, 2022

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ITSM Modernization

Companies are increasing investments in digital transformation initiatives to drive lower costs, greater efficiency, and seamless customer experience. This has increased the reliance on efficient IT service delivery - resulting in the accelerated adoption of IT service management (ITSM) tools in the market.


What are ITSM tools?

ITSM tools are software solutions that help organizations in optimizing the design, delivery, support, use, and governance of IT services. This is done to reduce costs, boost productivity, and improve employee and customer satisfaction. As a result, it's more important than ever to make sure such services are well-managed and secure.

The IT service management (ITSM) tool ecosystem, as well as its history, has a fascinating narrative to tell. The industry has matured tremendously, both in terms of acceptance and the solutions supplied. From simple ticketing systems – the original IT help desks – to complex ITSM solutions that may now be used in service management scenarios outside of IT, this ecosystem has experienced various transformations.


Accelerate Business Growth with the Right-Sized Intelligent ITSM

Recently, at a webinar hosted by B-TRNSFRMD - ‘Importance of ITSM Tool Implementation for Emerging companies’, we gained important insights regarding the role of implementing right-sized Intelligent ITSM to accelerate growth for start-ups. Our panelists included Corbin Larson, the Director of Global Business Operations at Spotnana, and Priyanka K., the CIO, Head of Software and Commercial Solutions at NovaSignal.

Our key takeaways were:

Role of ITSM tools in Employee Engagement
Companies are highly investing in employee engagement strategies. Therefore, it is important to ensure a connected experience for employees. Seamless & efficient - fast-growing companies must take full advantage of the tools and technologies available.

Adoption of Agile Infrastructure
An IT system that provides metrics, tools, ticketing SLAs, and is data-driven so that business decisions are made swiftly, is a growing need in the start-up ecosystem. ITSM capabilities that enhance speed in delivery of new and improved service features, eventually aid in seamless CX and CX optimization.

Ongoing Implementations through various Learning Curves
Technology and business processes are inseparable; one cannot exist without the other. Companies are under pressure to learn and adjust to shifting environments quickly. They must ensure their success from a customer, employee, and company perspective, by investing and implementing the right-sized ITSM solutions.


Right-sized ITSM: Why now?

Gartner simply defines, “ITSM tools facilitate the tasks and workflows associated with the management and delivery of quality IT services.”

The reason why businesses decide to buy a new tool is a smart place to understand why choosing the right ITSM tool is the top-most priority. Major reasons include -- Significant growth, and therefore wants a platform, integrating IT with business goals and customer demands.

Companies even lean towards employing tools based on other people's recommendations and features, rather than prioritizing value and commercial advantages. We have seen that many companies purchase a costly, state-of-the-art piece of software only to end up using its most basic features, and have issues with user adoption.



A tool is only as good as how it is used and adopted by a company. Having a tool that supports daily operations, and workflow automation, and provides clear performance transparency only adds value, in addition to employee engagement enhancement.

It's critical to determine which ITSM processes the tools should cover. Fast-growing companies should start with a plan for evaluating ITSM processes and develop a roadmap for improvement. It is important to keep in mind the future capabilities required - to acquire and include in the implementation strategy.

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