Appian Undertakes a Best-of-Breed Strategy


August 18, 2020

Appian has made a slew of announcements with integrations and partners over the last couple of months. It points to an interesting direction for their growth. As a leader in the Low Code Application Development, Appian has consciously taken an approach over the years to address the entire enterprise experience including lean applications, case management, business process management, document processing. They have always differentiated themselves as enterprise grade, device agnostic, extensive and open platform.

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As part of their strategy to provide end-to-end automation, they acquired the Robotic Process Automation platform Jidoku in January of this year. Robotic Process Automation is a fairly mature offering now with players including Automation Anywhere, UIPath and BluePrism having developed enterprise scale products and amassed a significant customer base. Many customers prefer their existing Robotic Process Automation and AI platforms and may be reluctant to switch to other platforms. Many customers would prefer a Best-of-Breed approach and not bet on a single platform so early in the technology cycle.

With their recent integrations with Augmented Analytics for Robotic Process Automation and Google AI for Document processing, Appian has addressed this desire of customers to go for this best-of-breed approach where appropriate. With these integrations, Appian continues being the enterprise platform for digital transformations while offering seamless extensibility. This is strategy that UIPath has taken aggressively with its Google and Microsoft integrations for increased customer penetration.

But Appian’s strategy provides customers with an interesting flexibility in their deployment strategy. With their built-in Intelligent Robotic Process Automation capability, it benefits customers who don’t want to spend on additional technology toolset. This is a very important proposition for customers who embark on agile Digital Transformation Solutions. The time-to-value for such transformations are expected to be fast and customers are realizing that Low Code Development Platforms and Robotic Process Automation Technology if not managed optimally can prove to be an expensive technology investments and lead to lower success rate of transformation initiatives.

One of the key imperatives for successful value creation is for Clients to invest upfront to design the right technology strategy that maximizes the yield of their Agile Digital Business Transformation Consulting Programs.

At B-TRNSFRMD, we are focused on bringing an independent and value driven approach to our customers that allows them to scale Digital Business Transformation successfully.

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