B-TRNSFRMD Recognized as Top 10 Promising Low Code Service Providers


May 13, 2021

Customer Analytics

B-TRNSFRMD is pleased to announce that we have been recognized as a Top 10 Promising Low-Code/No-Code Service Provider by CIOReview Magazine. CIOReview Magazine is a leading technology magazine that is at the forefront of guiding enterprises though the continuously changing business environment about solutions and services. The magazine serves as trustworthy knowledge source for C-level executives, industry expert and buyers about new technology trends in the market.

Increasingly software is being viewed as a strategic asset and centerpiece of business models by enterprises large and small. With increased speed of business cycles, there is increased need to onboard applications faster and in seamless integration with the overall technology infrastructure. Additionally, with a shortage of tech talent, companies are having to prioritize projects to balance these resourcing needs. Organizations have increasingly started to adopt low-code/no-code technologies to rapidly develop applications and meet ever changing business needs.

Low-Code/No-Code platforms are providing businesses with a strong foundation for growth with a focus on automation, agility and scalability. Emerging Low-code platforms leverage clouds/SaaS along with AI to provide enterprise level functionality, security and robustness to organization of every scale and complexity. Increasingly Low-code platforms are introducing SDKs and APIs for deep customization and integration with other applications.

As a boutique consulting firm, B-TRNSFRMD has created a mark with Clients by offering agile business transformation solutions to address this pressing need. The company realizes that many customers who look toward transforming their businesses often regard it as a technology implementation project, and not a digital transformation project. Consequently, B-TRNSFRMD leverages cloud and low code solutions to offer digital transformation solutions in three core areas: Service Digitization, Digital CX, and Cloud Contact Centers to bring process, technology, and data together for their clients. Being vendor agnostic, B-TRNSFRMD works with the client to choose a technology vendor that best fits their business use case.

As an emerging consulting firm with its sole focus on agile digital transformations, B-TRNSFRMD plans to scale its capabilities and business by building deep low-code and functional expertise. “We plan to grow by identifying new markets that experiences secular growth and addressing their needs with our extensive transformation capabilities,” Gans Subramanian, Founder & Managing Director.

The company also adopts a standard and iterative way to create an efficient to-be state by benchmarking the client’s existing processes. The design phase also helps the client identify technology accelerators and reduce the timeframe for implementation. In order to facilitate long-term innovation effectively, they also assist clients with setting up a center of excellence (COE).

The award announcement can be found at the link -

To learn more about our company and our capabilities in Digital CX, Service Digitization and Cloud Contact centers, email us at [email protected]

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Gans Subramanian

Managing Partner

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