M&A Transactions Can Reinvent the ITSM Strategies for Reformed Innovations


March 29, 2022

Banking & Finance


ITSM Modernization

After a brief fall in 2020, M&A transactions are hitting record volumes in 2021 and the start of 2022. Companies have a growing appetite to accelerate growth, expand market share, and drive earnings by consolidating operations from weaker players in this pandemic!

M&A (new ventures and spinoffs included) can be an excellent opportunity to evaluate your tech strategy and stack. We being a provider of excellent business transformation solutions, are increasingly working with innovative CIOs who approach their own IT operations in these situations with a "reinvention mentality" and seek to deploy innovative new and right-sized ITSM tools to enhance the digital technology platforms. They have lived in the worlds of Legacy SaaS, including Service Now, Dynamics365, and are no longer thrilled to repeat the costly mistakes of "Big ITSM" software projects.

As leaders in M&A transactions, CIOs are now looking to deploy Agile ITSM platforms such as Fresh service for the following benefits:

  • Ability to be up & running in a few months compared to traditional ITSM implementation timelines
  • An "Out-of-Box" experience that subsumes ITIL best practices with minimal customization and development
  • Superior AI-driven collaboration, workflows, and automation that can serve the needs of various departments and stakeholders
  • A scalable and agile IT Operations and delivery model to grow with the business needs with minimal capital expenses
  • Significantly lower the cost of operations by as much as 50% compared to 'Big ITSM" platforms

For a value-creating M&A transaction to materialize, designing an IT strategy that delivers value from day one is essential. CIOs have realized that agile and innovative platforms such as Fresh service are integral to this strategy.

What are some other ways you have seen IT departments create value during M&A transactions? Share your anecdotes with B-TRNSFRMD!

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Gans Subramanian

Managing Partner

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