Why you need an SI Partner for Low-Code CX?


March 9, 2022

Banking & Finance

Omnichannel CX

So, you have procured licenses for a Low-Code SaaS CX platform; what next? You have two options - either implement it using your in-house team or work with an SI partner to bring success to the implementation.

Clients often wonder about the need for SI partners to execute Low Code CX platforms! There is a perception that Low Code implies low effort and a more accessible path to success. They often believe that Low Code can be executed with their teams and thus reduce overall cost.

Recently, B-TRNSFRMD team worked with a leading Global Financial services enterprise to implement a custom instance of an innovative Low Code CX platform. We led a complex CX implementation program in 9 months while introducing the industry's best practices.

So, what did the effort entail?

  • Worked across 10+ product lines to design and document detailed business requirements.
  • Recommended process improvements before platform implementation.
  • Configured system capabilities with a focus on scalability and self-service automation.
  • Configured APIS and custom integrations for reporting and chatbots.
  • Analyzed the application data model and customized it for each business need.
  • Custom coding of platform SDK for customer portal and other channels.
  • Worked with the vendor product engineering team on workarounds for various issues, including email configuration and telephony integration with the local carrier.
  • Created customer reporting and analytics with integration to Power BI and Tableau.

Low-Code is an incredible innovation for enterprises to deliver faster transformation. Enterprises need to choose a partner with the right combination of functional and platform expertise to realize agile CX transformation ROI!


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Gans Subramanian

Managing Partner

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